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Hi everyone ! I’m coming from France and went to Vitália in 2017 ! I am a farmer practicing conservation agriculture and working as a consultant for farmers. Vitália took me in at her place for a few days to learn how to use the microscope for soil and compost analysis. I use it today for soil, compost and compost tea analysis. The lesson was great, I’ve seen a lot and Vitalia really took the time to explain, she was very patient. It was very well explained. On a human level, this experience was also amazing ! It was the first time I went to Hungary and I loved it ! Vitalia and her family are so great and made me feel like I’m home ! 
Even now, after two years, I still get fast answers to my questions. 
I can only recommend it !!

Marie-Thérèse Gassler,
farmer, consultant

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